boris kovac

Boris Kovac, composer, instrumentalist and multimedia artist from Novi Sad, capital of the multiethnic region Vojvodina in former Yugoslavia, muses on the subject of his roots:

"Our advantage is that people from 20 different nationalities live together in the Pannonian plains. So today no one can say which folklore my music stems from exactly. Me and my musicians - living in an urban situation, having no contact to the little villages in the country - we cannot retrace where the music comes from, It is anyway not necessary, I think. The crucial point is to use the sources as nourishment for your own creativity."

Whatever the sources, Boris Kovac's creativity is prodigious. Composer for theatre and film, director of the Ritual Nova Ensemble of multi-media artists, leader of the Ogledalo Music Theatre company, creator of "La Danza Apocalypsa Balcanica" with the LADAABA Orchest and the follow-up project, "La Campanella" and probably something else by the time you read this. Catch up with Boris Kovac today.

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