Chango Spasiuk

Argentina's accordion hero Chango Spasiuk has single-handedly brought about a rebirth in the chamane rhythm from the north east of the country.

An exceptionally expressive performer, Spasiuk's rapt, dervish-like stage presence and his extraordinary ensemble make for a music of profound beauty and feeling that moves beyond boundaries. Spasiuk was born in Ap'stoles, a small village in Misiones, a rural North-Eastern province of Argentina with a unique culture. Set in the frontier region bordering southern Brazil and Paraguay, its society is the product of a complex fusion of indigenous Guaran' communities, Spanish Jesuit monks and, later, Eastern European immigrants who arrived in the late 19th century. Among the latter were many Ukrainians, including Chango's grandparents.

It was out of this melting pot that chamam' emerged, to become the most powerful folk music expression of the Argentine Northeast. Overshadowed by tango's international status, chamam', with its deep sense of swing, was not widely known outside Argentina until Chango's arrival on the scene. Having learned from his father, a violinist, and his uncle, a singer, and following in the footsteps of classic chamam' composers like Abitbol and Cocomarola, Chango set about revitalizing this Argentine folk tradition in much the same way that Astor Piazzolla's had revived the tango. Spasiuk first caught international attention at WOMEX 2001, and has since been building his international profile.

Chango Spasiuk has released six solo albums in Argentina, among which the many-awarded 'Polcas de mi Tierra' (1999). His first international release 'Tarefero de mis Pagos' (Piranha, 2004) won him a BBC Award for World Music (Best Newcomer 2005) as well as a Latin Grammy nomination in 2006. In the last few years Chango has been building his international profile with a busy touring schedule in Europe and more recently, North America. His new album 'Pynand'-Los Descalzos' (Barefoot) is out now on World Village/Harmonia Mundi.

'the best live concert this year' ' Charlie Gillett, The Observer

'folk music treated with passion and sophistication' ' Robin Denselow, The Guardian

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